Writing Structure Of Comparison And Contrast Essay


First of all, this type of essay is about examining the similarities between the two subjects and then comparing them. Furthermore, an examiner may ask to jot down the differences between the two subjects. This process is known as a contrast. However, it is imperative to mention here that both essay writer subjects must fall under the same category.


Essays are of different types among which one of the most important types is the comparison and contrast essay. Teachers give high importance to this type of essay and assign them writing tasks based on comparison/contrast essays. It has several benefits.


Moreover, a student may be asked to perform both tasks of comparing and contrasting by a teacher.

In addition, it is notable that it is not about highlighting the obvious similarities and differences between two subjects rather a writer has to bear the subtle similarities and differences.


It is very important for all students to understand the primary motif of writing this kind of essay. As the meaning and definition have already been revealed in the above paragraph, now is the time to have a look at its basic structure.


The structure of paper writing service any kind of formal essay is the same. The only difference is in the nature of the content. The structure assists a writer to organize scattered thoughts and to present them in an impressive way.


The main structure of a comparison/contrast essay is as follows:

1) Introduction

2) Main body

3) Conclusion

Let’s have a look at all the components mentioned above.



While writing a compare-contrast essay, a student has to open the essay with a hook statement prior to defining the topic. A hook statement could be a surprising fact, a quotation, or any piece of information which must be an intriguing one for a reader so that a reader desires to keep on reading in order to know full details of that statement.


In simple words, the hook statement is used to grab the reader's attention to the content of the essay.

Well, if a writer follows the structure strictly, he can organize and manage all the information and facts in a creative and convincing way. He will not have to ask anybody else to write essay for me if he learns the use of essay structure in a correct and appropriate way. 


Define the topic afterward. The definition must be vivid and concise.


Main Idea:

In a compare/contrast essay the main body plays a vital role in highlighting even then minute components of two subjects thoroughly. A writer has to discuss the topic comprehensively and should try his level best to allure the reader's attention.


He has to raise arguments also where necessary and critically analyze all the components in detail.

Moreover, each factor or component of the two subjects must be discussed in a separate paragraph.



The conclusion is the final part of essay writing. In a compare-contrast essay, a writer has to sum up the whole discussion in the main body in a significant and persuasive way.


He has to give a suggestion or recommendation about the compared and contrast subjects.

Basically, a writer has to restate the thesis statement in a different way such as it must indicate the writer's stance vividly.


Essays are of different types and each type has its own unique importance. However, the basic structure is the same for all kinds of formal essays.


Teachers keep on assigning writing tasks to the students time after time of write my essay. They highly emphasize their students to focus on learning writing tips so that one day they can become professional writers.


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